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It is my belief that music can make the world a better and more beautiful place. It is my dream to help young musicians make music that will bridge cultural and ethnic differences. It is my privilege to be recognized as an internationally known pianist. I believe that I have the talent and desire to impart the knowledge and training I possess to those who wish to pursue a professional life making music. This music will be an international language that will bring people and cultures together for the betterment of mankind. In turn, these young musicians will become the musical ambassadors for the next generation.

I am Chinese and I am American. I was born in Beijing, educated at the Central Conservatory there and raised in a cultural tradition of achievement, dedication and humble respect. I came to America at the age of twenty-six years and proceeded all over the world, but I choose to live and raise my family in the United Sates. In 2001 I became a U.S. citizen.

I count it among my many blessing to be able to draw on both cultures. I believe that doing so makes me the musician, pianist and teacher that I am. The foundation I received in my formative years coupled with my dynamic and multicultural professional experience allows me to appreciate and engage students from diverse backgrounds I look forward to serving as a bridge for young musicians from all over the world to a place where music is spoken as a true international language.

Primary Objectives

  • To learn and teach in a welcoming and multicultural environment.
  • To provide an opportunity for an international exchange of ideas between musicians and students centered on their mutual love and appreciation of music.
  • To facilitate professional and social relationships that will bridge ethnic and cultural barriers.
  • To instill a sense of global community and freedom of expression.
  • To make music that is enriched by the experiences, talents and passion of a diverse and multicultural body of students.


「音樂使世界變得美好」--- 是我向來堅持的信念。