International Music Programs

Some programs I have engaged in

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  1. Close working relationships with elite music conservatories in China:
    • Central Conservatory of Music (中央音樂學院) in Beijing, China. Being an outstanding alumnus of Central Conservatory, I also have deep ties to the conservatory as my parents chaired the Piano Department as well as taught as professors in its undergraduate and graduate programs. I thus have the privilege of extending my profound friendship with the institution to you. I look forward to planning programs that can benefit both the United States as well as China. 
    • China Conservatory of music (中國音樂學院) in Beijing, China and Sichuan Conservatory of Music (四川音樂學院) in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. Over the past few years, as a visiting professor of these two schools, I have been bringing outstanding musicians from both China Conservatory and Sichuan Conservatory to participate in the Vivace Summer Festival in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The relationships between these conservatories started with my personal connections with a few key faculty members who shared the same dreams of musical and cultural interchange. I invited China Youth Folk Orchestra to visit Pennsylvania Academy of Music in February of 2010, where they performed to standing ovation performances.
  2. Visiting professor at a number of Chinese universities, where I give yearly master classes and performances:
    • Fuzhou University (福州大學) in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
    • Yantai University (煙臺大學) in Yantai City, Shandong Province
    • Wenzhou University (溫州大學) in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
    • Northwest University for Nationalities (西北民族大學) in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province
    • Qinghai Normal University (青海師範大學) in Xining City, Qinghai Province
  3. American universities from which I have introduced faculty members and students to opportunities for performance and master classes in China:
    • Catholic University of America
    • Pennsylvania Academy of Music
    • University of West Florida
    • Lehigh University
    • Franklin & Marshall College
    • Millersville University
    • Syracuse University
    • Dartmouth College
    • Temple University
    • Akron Institute
    • Penn State University
    • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • University of Nevada
    • Rutgers University
  4.  American chamber music groups  I have worked with to introduce to China:
    • The Newstead Trio
    • Trio Clavino
    • Zephyros Woodwind Quintet
    • The Rodney Mack Philadelphia Bag Brass
    • Gabriel Chamber Ensemble
    • Keystone String Quartet

Selected Program Ideas

  1. Cultural enrichment opportunities for students and faculty members at the above mentioned music conservatories and universities/colleges.
  2. Exchange programs with the most prestigious music conservatories in China. (Using my professional ties, I would like to see students from both the U.S. and China have the opportunity to be exposed to and receive training in different types of education systems. This would widen their horizons and uncover their potential to feel, play and appreciate music beyond any specific framework.)

    Short Term

    • Semester-long exchange for academic credit
    • Week-length visiting programs for project research, performance art training
    • Month-length visiting programs. (The week-length or month-length visiting programs will be focused in project oriented or performance training, for example, in the following areas: American Music Study, Chinese Music Study, Chamber Music Performing Art)

    Long Term

    • College-prep programs for high school students. (This program would involve high schools willing to prepare international students for study abroad. Earlier preparation in high school or middle school would provide a safer environment for young musicians to build up solid language skills towards higher and advanced education. This would address the linguistic challenge and lost opportunities for professional training that many talented musicians face, preventing them from becoming the performing stars and outstanding educators of the future.) 
    • College students exchange programs 
    • Graduate students exchange programs
    • Summer programs and camps
    • Piano festivals
    • String festivals
    • Chamber music festivals

    Musician/Scholarly Exchanges

    • Guest lectures
    • Performances (Professors, scholars and performers could be invited for series of exchange programs including lectures, performance built around a variety of themes.)
    • Composer series
    • Appreciation series (for musicians and non-musicians)
    • Folk music series
    • Instrumental series (orchestral, chamber, solo…etc.)

    Student Musician Exchanges

    • Individual performance
    • Chamber groups/orchestras. (I would like to start an international performing program for students who are graduating from colleges, giving them the opportunity to undertake an overseas concert tour before starting their next chapter of life. Outstanding young musicians coming from China at their own expense would be brought over to give free concerts in Lancaster County to share their talent with music lovers in our communities. Selected American students would likewise tour throughout China to gain pre-career performing experiences. This program would give college graduates an opportunity to gain memorable life experiences and impressive professional and community service accomplishments for their resumes before stepping out into the real world.)

    Music and ESL Combined Summer Camps

    • Music and English language learning for Asian students from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc.
    • Music and Chinese language learning for American students. (This is a program to combine music and language camps for students over the summer. Many middle and high school age children and their families are seeking out high-quality international summer camps to prepare for global opportunities for their future.  This kind of multi-faceted program should be easy to market based on the growing demand in both China and the U.S. for music and language education, and any profits would be a great source of investment back into this educational mission.  Activities would be designed for morning music programs and afternoon language programs. A network of host families could be established to dramatically enhance students’ real-life language skills and add culture richness to the program.)